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Sophie McGill Snapshot
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Sophie McGill joins the MSMCI
Board of Directors
Online game-changer in digital media and
cross-platform entertainment
MSMCI is very excited to announce that Sophie McGill, one of Australia’s brightest digital entertainment movers and shakers, will be joining the board at MSMCI, running digital media and entertainment to the APAC region, and working with us on strategic partnerships and product launches.

Sophie, a pioneer in streaming video and digital entertainment in both the UK and Australia, feels that the time is exactly right for Megastar Millionaire. “There are many examples globally of proven talent contest formats, but a lot of Millennials are no longer watching TV. Rather, they are seeking entertainment and influence online, and we need to talk to them in a way they want to be spoken to — in their language, from their peers — and run a competition that satisfies their needs. Putting our contest on a fast-growing global digital platform is the obvious solution.”

She adds, “What’s really exciting is that anyone from anywhere in the world can participate, not just a network audience. It’s the perfect fusion of tried and tested TV formats with all the benefits of the social and sharable elements of online.”

Sophie is no stranger to the challenge of turning something new into an extraordinary global success. Back in 2005, she was on the team that created the first live streaming of the Big Brother house, 24/7, to multiple platforms. Most recently she helped create Amplify Live, a globally trending influencer road show in Australia partnered by Twitter; “It was a massive project and the global audience participation was unprecedented. For me, it emulates quite well the ambition of Megastar Millionaire, both the entertainment and the content sides of the business, whilst utilizing all the benefits of the modern digital landscape.”

Talking about the founding team at MSMCI, she says “I think the guys are very realistic if not conservative about their potential from an investment perspective. It’s got very long legs.” “There are so many different opportunities within the game to create revenue. The guys on the tech team are experts in premium vs freemium and game play., the business plan is solid.

There are other brand extension opportunities that can be made from Megastar Millionaire, so it’s a really an exciting opportunity.”

Dion Sullivan, Managing Director and CEO, adds, “Having known Sophie for a couple of years, I could not be more pleased to have a professional of her calibre join the team. Her wealth of experience, especially in the digital entertainment space, her energy and her savviness all provide rocket fuel to both to our vision and our momentum.” 

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