Part One || The State of the Megastar Competition

In Part One of this fast-paced Megastar update, Dion Sullivan, Co-Founder and CEO of Megastar takes you through the first scorecard as he discusses Worldwide Tournament One and its remarkable statistics on usage, time on app, downloads and milestones achieved.

Part Two || Megastar & Social Media Promotions

In Part Two, Dion talks about the mountains of content produced for the Megastar competition, including videos featuring Usher and Jeb Corliss, nearly daily highlight reels for performers, livestreaming, social media posts and blogs, and more.

Part Three || The Future for Megastar & MSM

In Part Three, Dion gives you a glimpse of the future, talking about a new Memorandum of Understanding that could expand Megastar’s reach exponentially, what is going to happen between WW Tournaments, future monetization issues, what we’re going to do differently in the future, and other projects in planning at MSM.