ToneDen, Inc. 

(Megastar Millionaire 5%)

ToneDen is a music creation software platform, based in Berkeley, California, designed to help millions of artists connect directly with their fans online. In one year, ToneDen has grown to support over 100,000 creators that use its technology to promote their music and better engage their audiences. ToneDen works with over 500 digital establishments in the industry, including SoundCloud and Spotify, to better understand and grow artist reach online. ToneDen’s mobile platform provides fans with a direct point of contact with the artists they support, allowing them to keep up to date with new music and easily share that with their networks. Notable existing investors include Stanford StartX, Silicon Valley’s pre­eminent early stage incubator, and Allen Debevoise, notable tech entrepreneur and founder of Machinima and Third Wave.

It is anticipated that Megastar Millionaire’s investment in ToneDen and the relationships between the management of Megastar Millionaire and ToneDen will result in ToneDen supporting Megastar Millionaire in the following manner:

  1. leverage its core competencies of music platform technologies and community build into Megastar Millionaire;
  2. pre-market Megastar Millionaire to its (currently) more than 100,000 global artists; and
  3. leverage its contacts within music industry influencers to promote Megastar Millionaire.

Digital Riot Media LLC

(formerly Social Media Studios)

Digital Riot is a fully dedicated direct-to-consumer digital movie studio which is building a slate of movies around social media influencers, supported by cast and crew from traditional media.

Digital Riot is using the disruptive technology of direct-to-consumer marketing and distribution to create a reliable and efficient business model. In addition to a large development slate, the Digital Riot team is developing distribution solutions and platforms which will allow us to scale and distribute content efficiently.

The co-founder and executive chairman of Digital Riot is also the chairman of Megastar Millionaire’s US Operations, Mr Doug Barry. Mr John Baldecchi is the chief executive officer of Digital Riot, and also a member of the Megastar Millionaire US Advisory Board.

Digital Riot has also agreed to support the Group in the following manner:

  1. agreeing to allow a mutually agreed upon number of winners the opportunity to leverage their talents for a supporting role within one (or more) of Digital Riot’s short-form films;
  2. allowing the Group to selectively use Mr Baldecchi to promote the Megastar Millionaire Platform and the Contest in various paid and non-paid media outlets, including tweets, Facebook  updates and interviews as agreed by Mr Baldecchi;    and
  3. introducing the Group to various digital entertainment industry influencers, either as potential strategic partners and/or investors.


ROAR is a talent, music, and brand management firm with expertise in overall career strategy, guidance, execution and business development, strategic partnerships, and marketing initiatives. ROAR’s clients include musicians, actors, writers, directors, comedians, entertainment and lifestyle companies, experts and icons engaged in entertainment and lifestyle initiatives.

Pursuant to the ROAR Agreement, ROAR agreed to provide the following services to Megastar Millionaire (on a non-exclusive basis):

  1. advice in relation to identification, access, negotiation and management of prospective commercial arrangements with celebrities and other prominent influencers and supporters of Megastar Millionaire;
  2. North American market media strategy and advice in relation to dealings and negotiations with C-level  executives within relevant music, TV and digital companies;
  3. advice in relation to the identification of and negotiation with appropriate agency, brand and    charity strategic partners relevant to the promotion and awareness building campaign for Megastar Millionaire; and
  4. advice in relation to the monetisation of talent that participate within the Megastar Millionaire Platform.