MSM Corporation International Ltd (ASX:MSM) Managing Director and CEO, Dion Sullivan, discusses the launch of the company’s Megastar Millionaire online talent contest to capitalize on the convergence between mobile advertising and gaming.

MSCI publicly listed on the ASX back in January. It is a digital entertainment technology company. It is an amalgamation of Australian and US businesses and our remit is all digital entertainment technology.

So Megastar Millionaire is a 12-week emerging talent competition. It goes for a bit longer, because there’s a lead into it from an audition point of view. And then we’re going to have a live stream finale, post tournament one. But really what it is, it’s a very meritocratic emerging talent competition, where talent of all different genres from across the globe, come together on our platform to compete head-to-head for fame, fortune and building social integration from a brand key point of view. Of course a grand prize of $1 million certainly doesn’t hurt, but there’s a number of other benefits within Megastar Millionaire… Click to read the original article.