The Final 5 || Grand Finale || Megastar World Wide Tournament ONE (2017)

Here are the Final 5 contestants for Megastar 2017 World Wide Tournament One.

Paul Spaeth — "Eliminated - but SO PROUD."

“Eliminated – but SO PROUD.

I was eliminated in the very final Judge Review, just 48 hours before the close of the competition. But I’m SO proud of this whole campaign and SO grateful and deeply moved by the support. But mostly I am proud of all of you. Deeply proud of you. Because you were a reflection of me and my music, and as Jacob Hollingsworth said in the app, you exemplify what my music is about. (Yes, I’m turning it around onto you guys.)

I am also proud of myself for saying “Yes” and pushing through the unknows and the fears. If anything, I hope I’ve inspired a few of you to bare your vulnerable and magnificent selves.

This is just the beginning, believe me. This competition has already opened doors. It has changed me, and from within, so without. There will be collaborations, a show to be built, and all sorts of Flow to follow now that I pried this creaky door open wide.  That is an exhiliating feeling, so I feel as though I’ve won the whole thing.

All the glory to the One Source. I just have to show up – it’s not in my hands to create the circumstances, it’s in my hands to create the conditions. And that condition is Love.

This video explains what the Megastar Competition has meant to me (and more about why I broke down in the middle of my last live stream  )

I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, and I cannot wait to see you one day at a concert, or in Slinger, Wisconsin. 

— Paul Spaeth

Sam Smith - Too good at goodbyes (Chris Black ft Hemi)

Australia’s Chris Black reached the Megastar World Wide Tournament One Final 5. Here’s one of his submissions to the tournament.

Andie Case - I'll Have You (Original)

Andie Case from the US submits an original song and reached the Megastar World Wide Tournament One Final 5.