Legit we ALL wanna be *that* amazing person who’s Instagram feed pops and makes other people weak at the knees from how awesome our lives are, right? You’ve kinda gotta be realistic, though, in that unless you’re actually made of money and your surname is ‘Kardashian’, ‘Delevingne’ or ‘Hadid’, you’re probably never gonna be *that* person and that’s okay!

Well, it turns out that, sure, while girls might seem more likely to be the person that feels like they’re gonna be the next best thing, it actually turns out that’s not true!

In some new research by the mega-sounding MSM Corporation International, it was revealed that BOYS are the culprits when it comes to fame-chasing and heads around the world are spinnniiinnnggg!..

Here’s the full story: http://www.girlfriend.com.au/article/celebs-celeb-goss-social-media-research-famous-boys#4FHLz1zikjFPB4yO.99