MSM Corporation International is a thought lab for digital creative propulsion.

We offer a series of products designed to help others promote their creative force, products that allow for creative expression to be articulated, curated, disseminated and monetized on a global scale, using the most advanced social engagement technologies.

We are building, as well as partnering, with other companies to create global platforms for people to express themselves.

Our first product is Megastar Millionaire, a global talent contest that promotes social media artists in a series of competitions conducted over multi-month time spans. Along the way to the top prize, artists will expand their followings exponentially; they’ll receive recognition from and make connections with an explosive network of industry influencers, followers and fans. And there will be many other ways to win as they travel the contest continuum.

We are underway with subsequent product imaginings.

Our diverse portfolio will entail products that combine creativity, entertainment and social gamification with social consciousness.

Creativity. For our investors, it means financial­ models that scale globally.