The Bizarre Thing Guys Think Social Media Will Do For Them

Legit we ALL wanna be *that* amazing person who’s Instagram feed pops and makes other people weak at the knees from how awesome our lives are, right? You’ve kinda gotta be realistic, though, in that unless you’re actually made of money and your surname is ‘Kardashian’, ‘Delevingne’ or ‘Hadid’, you’re probably never gonna be *that* person and that’s okay!

Well, it turns out that, sure, while girls might seem more likely to be the person that feels like they’re gonna be the next best thing, it actually turns out that’s not true!

In some new research by the mega-sounding MSM Corporation International, it was revealed that BOYS are the culprits when it comes to fame-chasing and heads around the world are spinnniiinnnggg!..

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Sydney startup Megastar Millionaire raises a further $5 million to expand into Asia

Sydney-based tech company MSM Corporation International has raised nearly $5 million to expand its Megastar Millionaire platform into Asia.

The ASX-listed startup is set to launch its mobile-first, online-only talent discovery competition at the start of next year, and will be using the latest capital injection to also accelerate the delivery and marketing of this and to enhance the user experience.

Megastar Millionaire is a software platform for online talent contests, connecting “performers” with fans through an interactive, gamified experience…

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50% Of Men On Social Media Think They’ll Be Famous (Less Than A Third Of Women Do)

Almost half of all men who use social media believe they will be famous one day – but less than a third of women think the same.

That’s just one of the findings from independent research of more than 2,500 social media users aged between 15 and 45, commissioned by digital entertainment company MSM Corporation International (MSM).

MSM is a Sydney-based technology and media entertainment company which is developing a mobile-first talent discovery platform that will change the way audiences and brands interact with amateur performers…

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Megastar Millionaire: The global reality talent show that lets you be the judge

Fancy yourself as a judge on The Voice? Or as a producer on Big Brother, making calls about which contestants make the cut? Formulating the rules of the show. Hanging out with the stars. Choosing which projects are developed into shows.

It may seem far-fetched, but the television landscape is rapidly changing. Audiences have never been more splintered, or had more power.

Commercial television audiences are falling away as viewers choose to binge-watch on-demand shows at any hour they choose, thanks to streaming services such as Netflix.

Free-to-air TV viewership in the US has fallen 25 per cent among 18-24 year olds in the last five years, according to Nielsen, while mobile use is exploding.

Mobile phones and apps like Snapchat are replacing television as our preferred mediums for entertainment.

One San Francisco-based company is already five steps ahead, leading the charge on the world’s first mobile-based reality talent show.

Based on the American Idol format, Megastar Millionaire will launch at the start of 2017, allowing the public to vote for contestants from all around the world.

“What we’re trying to be is the most democratic talent show in the world. You tell us what talent is and you vote for it,” Sophie McGill, MSM Corporation International Australia-Pacific executive director, explains.

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Why your brand needs a ‘glocal’ strategy (and it’s not just a buzzword)

Sophie McGill, APAC executive director of mobile talent platform, Megastar Millionaire agrees, and stresses a good glocal strategy should include both hyperlocal and social as well local consumer insights.

“If possible, work with a local partner to help implement the campaign and maximise effectiveness within different markets,” she says.

“Work with different talent – much of today’s brand messaging is delivered through established audiences and trusted talent. By understanding your audience, their behaviours, their existing habits and communities, you will have much greater insight into taking your brand via a trusted source and it resonating with a much broader global audience”…

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