Popular SketchShe comedians growing their brand as they host the biggest talent competition

They’re the Sydney comedians whose Car-aoke is conquering the world.

SketchShe — Madison Lloyd, Shae-Lee Shackleford and Lana Kington to their mums — have forged a huge fanbase with their online hijinks.

The women became a worldwide sensation when they posted videos onto Youtube of them singing to popular songs. Picture: John Appleyard

In their Mime Through Time video, the trio head-bang, rap and rock their way through six decades of some of pop music’s biggest hits, including Elvis Presley, Queen and Eminen, all while sitting in their Suzuki Swift.

Just like their original effort Bohemian Carsody, it went viral.

The two videos have amassed around 650 million views on social media and led to US TV appearances with chat show queen Ellen DeGeneres and Good Morning America.

You can read the full story here: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/sydney-confidential/popular-sketchshe-comedians-hosting-the-worlds-biggest-online-talent-competition/news-story/81df54ae6f70c834554308d1fdf4b304


MSM starts move ahead of Megastar launch

MSM Corporation International (ASX: MSM) has mapped out its launch strategy for its flagship Megastar project, a global, all-digital, mobile platform-based talent contest, featuring performers of any talent competing against each other for prizes and a role in a film, as well as other enticements.

The Megastar contest will be available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain and the United States, and can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

MSM has already made substantial progress in terms of bringing on board high profile social influencers and teaming up with partner marketing support companies.

The Megastar brand and worldwide competition launch commences on June 30, 2017. It will be a phased approach with the app being made available in Apple and Google stores and sponsor performer content released in app.


Megastar has X Factor

ASX-listed entertainment app Megastar has landed a former X Factor boss as executive producer, as it ramps up plans for its million dollar global talent competition.
Marion Farrelly, who joins the company after senior roles at X Factor, The Celebrity Apprentice and the Australian and UK versions of Big Brother, will be in charge of talent production and developing the format of the host and celebrity talent videos.
MSM’s strategy is to sign up fans and performers for the competition by the Megastar Millionaire smart phone app. The first to market platform is expected to monetise mobile video via a highly successful talent competition format which operates squarely within the $US25 billion online gaming and $US30bn mobile sectors…


Three Australian models who are now YouTube stars will host a new smartphone talent show

A trio of Australian models who became an internet comedy hit have been signed to host a new online talent show designed for mobile phones.
Shae-Lee Shackleford, Lana Kington and Madison Lloyd, who have has had more than 100 million YouTube views as members of SketchSHE, were announced Wednesday as the hosts of worldwide talent contest Megastar.
The program is the first venture for MSM Corporation (MSMCI), which raised $7 million a year ago in a reverse takeover of mining company Minerals Corporation and now bills itself as a “digital incubator”.
Sophie McGill, Asia-Pacific executive director of MSMCI said SketchSHE was perfect for the gig after online popularity of their comic YouTube lip sync videos spilled over to mainstream media.
“Because the group has appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and Good Morning America as well as in Australian media on programs such as Sunrise, we feel they have the global appeal, skills and visibility integral to the launch the next stage of talent competitions,” she said.
ASX-listed MSMCI is touting Megastar as the first wide-appeal talent competition to cross over from television to smartphones, promising to combine “social media, gaming and live entertainment” into the experience, with a top prize of $US1 million as the carrot for contestants…


Get to know Jane Barrett

Introducing Jane Barrett, Megastar’s new Senior Director of Marketing

“I think Megastar is a unique and amazing idea. It’s a great way of showcasing talent, and a great and modern way to be entertained — on my own terms, in my own time, and on my own phone. And of course, it’s a great opportunity to put my experience to good use.”

The first thing you notice when you meet Jane Barrett is her twinkle; her sly intelligence intrigues you from the outset. With her British accent and broad smile, it’s easy to tell Jane is a force to be reckoned with.

Why did she take the job? “I think Megastar is a unique and amazing idea. It’s a great way of showcasing talent, and a great and modern way to be entertained — on my own terms, in my own time, and on my own phone. And of course, it’s a great opportunity to put my experience to good use.”

Jane’s experience couldn’t be more relevant. She hails from big advertising, on the agency side with Grey Advertising, London, then on the corporate side at Intel, where she helped develop and execute strategies to introduce Pentium 4 and the Core Duo globally. Working out of Munich she handled all of EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa). From Moscow, she launched the Pentium 4. Then from Santa Clara, she headed efforts in emerging markets, most notably India, Mexico, Russia and China.

After seven years, Jane moved to become Head of Global Advertising in Corporate Marketing at SanDisk where she launched a new entertainment media category, slotMusic and slotRadio.

So you could say she’s got big advertising chops. And big global product launch chops. But her future was to be all about social and mobile.

In 2010, Jane landed as Director of Marketing and Communications at Zoosk, a dating site, where she was responsible for strategy and management of all brand marketing, including TV planning and buying, Pre-Roll ads, social media, content development and PR for US and International. Soon she was lured away by SKOUT.

SKOUT is not a dating site, per se. It’s more about friendship, the ability to meet other “Skouters”, mostly 18-24, in the user’s immediate area. As the first mobile-first geo-location friendship app, what made SKOUT fascinating for Jane was this: “When you are geo-location based, it’s all about what people are doing, when they’re doing it, and where they’re doing it. What matters to them right now is incredibly important. Everything is so immediate, the target audience behaves really differently; so the provider has to be that immediate as well.”

Jane will carry that sense of immediacy to Megastar where she plans to take her digital community-building skills to another, more global level. “It’s about being exposed to new and exciting talent from around the world, where the audience will have a clear say who gets promoted to the top, and will have the ability to influence the outcome of the competition.” Her aim is generate big awareness, to introduce the world to Megastar.

And how does she plan to get people engaged with the platform? “Content. Rich, exciting, authentic and entertaining content, generated by our performers, generated before, through and even outside the contest.”

She adds, “I’m excited to put all my 20 years’ experience to use on this great fun product. It’s different though. When you have a dating app, every time you’re successful, you lose two customers. Here we need to get people involved and have them come back and back and back.”

How To Make A Million Dollars On Your Smartphone With Your Talent

We do so many things on our phones today that we wouldn’t have been able to 10 years ago. We can work – send emails, edit documents, pay bills, stream music, read the news and watch TV or movies in bed or on the train.

In fact if you wanted to, you could throw away your TV and computer and still have access to absolutely everything they offered in the palm of your hand – which, incidentally, a large portion of millennials have started to do.

Smartphones have changed the way that big companies do almost everything, especially in the media, entertainment and technology industries.

Most new products and services today are made for “mobile first”, based on the assumption that customers and audiences use their smartphones more than any other device…

But there’s one big event — something that attracts millions of people in different ways in dozens of countries around the world — that’s never really made the leap to smartphones.


MSM Corporation International (ASX:MSM): Presentation, CEO Sessions Sydney

MSM Corporation International (ASX:MSM) is a digital technology and entertainment company that (via its first product offering, Megastar Millionaire) is preparing to launch the first global, social mobile talent discovery competition platform.

Megastar Millionaire connects performers and fans in an innovative/interactive experience, designed to transform the emerging talent discovery sectors.

The business model is similar to ‘fantasy e-sports’ in that you ‘pay to play’. MSM will generate revenue by requiring entry fees for contestants (which can be paid by contestants or talent scout) as well as ways to “promote” their acts.

MSM will launch Megastar Millionare at the end of Q1, 2017.

MSM Corporation International (ASX:MSM) talks launch of Megastar Millionaire online talent contest

MSM Corporation International Ltd (ASX:MSM) Managing Director and CEO, Dion Sullivan, discusses the launch of the company’s Megastar Millionaire online talent contest to capitalize on the convergence between mobile advertising and gaming.

MSCI publicly listed on the ASX back in January. It is a digital entertainment technology company. It is an amalgamation of Australian and US businesses and our remit is all digital entertainment technology.

So Megastar Millionaire is a 12-week emerging talent competition. It goes for a bit longer, because there’s a lead into it from an audition point of view. And then we’re going to have a live stream finale, post tournament one. But really what it is, it’s a very meritocratic emerging talent competition, where talent of all different genres from across the globe, come together on our platform to compete head-to-head for fame, fortune and building social integration from a brand key point of view. Of course a grand prize of $1 million certainly doesn’t hurt, but there’s a number of other benefits within Megastar Millionaire… Click to read the original article.

The Bizarre Thing Guys Think Social Media Will Do For Them

Legit we ALL wanna be *that* amazing person who’s Instagram feed pops and makes other people weak at the knees from how awesome our lives are, right? You’ve kinda gotta be realistic, though, in that unless you’re actually made of money and your surname is ‘Kardashian’, ‘Delevingne’ or ‘Hadid’, you’re probably never gonna be *that* person and that’s okay!

Well, it turns out that, sure, while girls might seem more likely to be the person that feels like they’re gonna be the next best thing, it actually turns out that’s not true!

In some new research by the mega-sounding MSM Corporation International, it was revealed that BOYS are the culprits when it comes to fame-chasing and heads around the world are spinnniiinnnggg!..

Here’s the full story: http://www.girlfriend.com.au/article/celebs-celeb-goss-social-media-research-famous-boys#4FHLz1zikjFPB4yO.99


Sydney startup Megastar Millionaire raises a further $5 million to expand into Asia

Sydney-based tech company MSM Corporation International has raised nearly $5 million to expand its Megastar Millionaire platform into Asia.

The ASX-listed startup is set to launch its mobile-first, online-only talent discovery competition at the start of next year, and will be using the latest capital injection to also accelerate the delivery and marketing of this and to enhance the user experience.

Megastar Millionaire is a software platform for online talent contests, connecting “performers” with fans through an interactive, gamified experience…

You can read the full story here: http://www.startupsmart.com.au/advice/funding/sydney-startup-megastar-millionaire-raises-a-further-5-million-to-expand-into-asia/